Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

The Jayhawks are in the Final Four! (for the 13th time)

Stephen Curry was very impressive in the finals of the Midwest Regional. As a KU fan, the game was agonizing to watch, though I suspect the agony felt by Davidson fans turned out to be a bit more acute.

This week, it's a bit frustrating to read all the articles about Roy Williams. If any members of the press are reading this -- it's the players who play the game, not the coaches.

I thought Roy was a fine coach (and, hey, I liked his name). I thought he did a lot for KU, but I felt he was never a closer -- that he wasn't the best bench coach in a close game. I think Bill Self is better in that regard. But, I've always disliked North Carolina and Duke (and UCLA and a few other teams). For me, the only difference with Roy Williams being at Carolina is that I now root for the Blue Devils over the Tar Heels instead of vice versa.

My prediction: KU vs. UCLA in the finals. KU by 6.

Bear in mind that I totally crapped out in my bracket -- I had Kansas, Duke, Tennessee, and Texas. At least I had Kansas right and hopefully I have them right again.

Go KU!