Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lines and More Lines

Yesterday, my daughter asked:

When do you have to wait in line for something you don't want?
And the answer is ...

At the airport, for security. She's only 12 and already she knows she doesn't want "security," or at least the current version of what we see at the airport. The airport was a mess yesterday -- we didn't know why. My son adds that we also had to wait in a line to wait in another line to wait in a third line just to check our bags (which was actually a fourth line). And we already had boarding passes.

After that, we went to security, where we only waited in one line before we waited in the next line. I almost had my eye medication (which I'm using every few hours) confiscated because I forgot to pull it out of my carry-on. Fortunately, I realized it before the screen even saw the bag (but too late to grab it back off the conveyor belt) and the screener agreed to re-run my bag through the scanner.

Are we really any safer because of this "security"?