Monday, July 28, 2008

Please Answer Me One Question

I am not making this up. My wife and I were flipping through radio stations in the rental car and we heard this:

"Sixty-nine thousand people were killed in the Chinese earthquake. Millions of people are homeless. But there is good news: five thousand people have found Christ."
And I had thought that Weird Al Yankovic's "Why Does This Always Happen To Me?" was over the top:
I was watching my TV one night when they broke in with a special report
About some devastating earthquake in Peru.
There were thirty thousand crushed to death, even more were buried alive.
On the Richter scale it measured 8.2.

And I said, "God, please answer me one question:
Why'd they have to interrupt 'The Simpsons' just for this?"
I've heard of life imitating art, but life imitating parody? Who are these idiots? And why haven't the Christians kicked them out of the religion?