Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Puzzle A Day (#3)

Today's puzzle:

Take the name of a John Lennon song. Remove one letter and rearrange the rest to get a puzzle.

Yesterday's answer: GUZZLER (a car you don't want to drive today) => PUZZLER (somebody you'd find at the NPL convention). We're driving to the NPL con from Kansas, fortunately not in a gas guzzler.

This puzzle also contains TETCBN, an NPLism meaning The Error That Cannot Be Named. One of the words in the puzzle (where it said "Today's puzzle") overlapped with the answer PUZZLER. The error can't be named because simply pointing out that it exists provides a big clue as to the answer. Of course, PUZZLER is also the P in NPL, so it's a double TETCBN! Sometimes, particularly in April, errors are intentional. Here, I felt changing "Today's puzzle" to something else would have called more attention to it, so I just left it.


Michael Littman said...

yay, I'm 3 for 3 so far.