Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Puzzle A Day (#6)

Today's puzzle:

Anagram the letters in the words LABOR TIME to find out where next year's NPL convention will be.

Yesterday's answer: A 4-letter word that means OFF, THIN, or BROKE is FLAT. The "native" puzzle type of the NPL is the Flat, so called because the answer is a single, flat line of letters. Described simply, flats are poems with words omitted. The poem provides clues to guess the missing words. There are also variants such as the picture flat, the video flat, and, this year, diorama flats. The NPL's mini-sample (PDF) contains a much better description and some great example puzzles to get you started.

BTW, most of Western Kansas that we drove through to get to the con is also flat. At one point, the GPS locked onto twelve satellites at the same time. I can't recall ever seeing more than six or seven before.


Michael Littman said...

I'm not sure how to score myself on this one. I tried for awhile, gave up, and then went to the online thesaurus and even that didn't help. A few hours later I was taking a walk and the answer came to me. It wasn't in any of the synonym lists in the thesaurus I used (thin/off/broke), so it's not like I got a hint or anything. But, I had already given up so I don't want to give myself full credit. (Cute NPL themed puzzles, by the way!)